Rickshaw driver from Northampton caused £20,000 worth of damage to Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament

A rickshaw driver from Northampton accused of causing up to £20,000 of damage to the Houses of Parliament during an eight hour stand-off on the roof appeared in court today.

Braydon Liam Anderson, 23, of Portland Place, Northampton, sparked a major security alert when he scaled the building on Saturday night.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard that he allegedly smashed a stained glass window, broke an ornamental crown and a CCTV camera, and pulled valuable brickwork and masonry off the centuries-old Gothic building.

When asked how he had scaled the building, Anderson replied: “By magic”, the court heard.

Prosecutor Izolda Switala-Gribbin: “Police were called as there were serious concerns about Mr Anderson’s safety.

“Two police officers gained access to the roof, where Mr Anderson was in the process of smashing windows and causing criminal damage.

“When he was asked how he gained access to the roof, he simply stated ‘by magic’ to the officer.

“He indicated if the officers approached, it would not end well and went on to say ‘today’s the day’.”

Eventually when Mr Anderson fell asleep, the officers attempted to restrain him and managed to arrest him at 5.15am on Sunday.

Ms Switala-Gribbin said the masonry was the most expensive part of the damage.

Heavily-tattooed Anderson is charged with criminal damage and trespass on a protected site.

Anderson, who works in the West End of London as a rickshaw driver was remanded in custody until tomorrow, when he is due to see the court’s in-house psychiatrist.

The judge also said consent had to be sought from the Attorney General for the charge of trespassing on a protected site to be brought.

When he was told he would be remanded in custody for the night, he shouted out: “It’s my right to protest” as he was led away to the cells.

He has not yet entered any pleas.