Rhea Keehn named as Labour candidate for Kettering seat

Rhea Kheehn
Rhea Kheehn

Northamptonshire born and raised law graduate Rhea Keehn has been selected as Labour’s candidate to fight Kettering MP Philip Hollobone for his seat at the at the 2015 general election.

Ms Keehn, who currently works as a corporate governance professional for a West Northamptonshire regeneration corporation, was nominated following a ballot of Labour members in Kettering.

Following her selection, she said: “It is a great honour to have been selected by local members to stand as their candidate in the 2015 general election.

“It is a huge responsibility, but one that I am looking forward to.

“I was born and raised in the county, so what happens here matters to me. One of my top priorities will be to fight for greater investment in our high streets to stimulate our economy and create more jobs and opportunities for young people.

“I also intend to challenge this government on their record, and expose exactly what they are doing to our communities.

“In particular I will campaign to protect our NHS. Under this Tory-led government, we’ve seen 4,000 nurses sacked, hospice services under threat and now A&E waiting times at a nine year high. Cameron has proven that he cannot be trusted with our NHS.”

Kettering’s former Labour MP, Phil Sawford, believes that Kettering is in need of change and thinks Rhea is the person to bring it. He said: “Rhea will be a fantastic parliamentary candidate for Kettering.

“She is a highly respected campaigner who will take the fight to the Conservatives in Kettering. Her experience of and passion for standing up for people will make her an excellent future MP for Kettering.”

Ms Keehn is a trustee of Care and Repair, a charity set up in 1986 to improve the housing and living conditions of older and disabled people.