Review to be carried out at dangerous junction near Northampton industrial estate

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Highways bosses have revealed they will look into making changes to a problem junction near an industrial estate in Northampton.

The Chron reported yesterday how regular near misses at the Lodge Farm Industrial Estate’s junction with Harlestone Road had culminated in two drivers being taken to hospital following an accident.

After being approached by the Chron, County Hall said it was to take action.

Although a spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said any work carried out to improve safety would also need to ensure that congestion is not increased, he added that “a study is being carried out to see what measures can be taken to improve this junction.“

Workers on the industrial estate say two or three near-misses each week are not uncommon at the junction.

They say the main issue is that the lanes are currently arranged so that cars coming out of the estate are directed head-on into those exiting Firs View Drive opposite.

On Wednesday, the accident involved a silver Toyota and a blue Nissan, which saw one of the drivers cut free by firefighters, who had to remove the roof of one of the cars.

Neither is believed to have been seriously hurt.

It is believed that a new dedicated lane for right-hand turns is one of options being considered.