REVIEW: Brooklyn Pizza Bar brings a slice of New York to Northampton

Fish Street might not have the small hustle and bustle of Williamsburg, but the town's latest exponent of pizza pies is hoping to recreate bohemian Brooklyn in Northampton.

Friday, 15th September 2017, 5:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 11:37 am
Brooklyn Pizza Bar, the latest restaurant to open in Fish Street, does exactly what it says on the tin.

The aptly named Brooklyn Pizza Bar dedicated to the most populous borough of New York and its favourite foodstuff, opened earlier this summer.

But those expecting a recreation of New York's Lombardi's complete with signed pictures of Italian-American baseball players and stills from the film Goodfellas will be disappointed.

This is a recreation of the new Brooklyn, now home to a maze of backstreet bohemian joints, quirky bars and street-food sellers.

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The spicy chipotle pizza and Brooklyn Lager are a winning combination.

Owner Ryan Wakeman and a business partner explored New York in January to study the city's pizza restaurants.

And in Northampton, they have done a pretty good job.

All the elements are there, from the jukebox to the chipboard seating and neon lights including a large Brooklyn Lager sign covering the back of the bar.

The stone-baked pizzas, more towards the deep-pan side than the crispy-base side, are perfectly pleasing too.

The spicy chipotle pizza and Brooklyn Lager are a winning combination.

And for the beer lovers out there, the restaurant also boasts the largest collection of Brooklyn-brewed beer in the country, imported directly from America.

During our visit there this week we chose the "meaty", a classic Margherita, the Balsamic and the "chipotle" - as well as he marmite garlic bread special. Unsurprisingly the latter, true to form, split opinion 50/50.

Slices, and opinions, shared the clear winner turns out to be the balsamic; smoky and rich like a souped up Margherita, it disappears from the table first.

As well as savoury options, the Brooklyn Pizza Bar offers diners the chance to indulge in a fruit pizza, topped with strawberries, blueberries, bananas with a sprinkling of sugar.

Not willing to take the plunge, however, we opt for the (far safer) baked cheesecake and demolish it within minutes.

All-in-all Brooklyn Pizza Bar is a nice new edition to Fish Street, bringing a long disused building back into use, with a good range of beers.

Yes, there could be more puds on offer, the seating could be a tad more comfortable - but this is a place to grab a bite with friends rather than celebrate a diamond wedding anniversary.

For a tenner a pizza and all-you-can-eat nights held regularly, here's to hoping Brooklyn Pizza Bar is here to stay.

Rating: 7/10