Resign now: Labour supporters in Northamptonshire sign letter calling for Jeremy Corbyn to leave

Labour Party supporters in Northamptonshire have joined a letter signed by 103 people in East Midlands calling for Jeremy Corbyn to resign.

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 6:29 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:02 pm
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Among those signing the petition include Kevin McKeever, who recently stood in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, the leader of Corby Borough Council Councillor Tom Beattie and other county politicians.

The letter states: “As members of the Labour Party in the East Midlands we talk to voters on the doorstep week in, week out in all weathers and know that the our communities across the region are in desperate need of a Labour Government.

“Labour cannot get into government without winning seats in the East Midlands and in recent times, we have become increasingly concerned that the current leadership of the Labour Party does not have what it takes to be electable in our region and across the country.

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“It is therefore with heavy hearts that we call on you to resign as Leader of the Labour Party with immediate effect. The people of the East Midlands deserve a Labour Party that is ready for government and we do not feel that is the case under your leadership.

“We would like to thank you for your service to the Labour Party but ask you to put our party first, and resign,” the letter states.

The full list of those who signed the letter is as follows:

1. Georgia Power, Nottingham South CLP

2. Josie Tanvir, Nottingham South CLP

3. Heather Worman, North West Leicestershire CLP

4. Suzi Clark, Broxtowe CLP

5. Craig Mitchell-Powell, Leicester West CLP

6. Councillor Josh Cook, Nottingham South CLP

7. Mark Tittley, Derby South CLP

8. Liz Clunie, Gedling CLP

9. Councillor Dom Anderson, Derby North CLP

10. Elsie Powers, Erewash CLP

11. Tom Burke, University of Nottingham Labour Students

12. Councillor Colleen Cassidy, Corby and East Northants CLP

13. Councillor Matt Keane, Corby and East Northants CLP

14. Adam Nundy, Nottingham South CLP

15. Councillor Paul Bayliss, Derby North CLP

16. Kevin McKeever, Northampton CLP

17. Isobel Pankhurst, Nottingham Trent University Labour Students

18. Jackie Feeney, Gedling CLP

19. Councillor Paul Feeney, Gedling CLP

20. Caroline Bach, South Leicestershire CLP

21. John Heppell, Nottingham East CLP

22. Councillor Alex Norris, Nottingham North CLP

23. Eileen Heppell, Nottingham East CLP

24. Jamie McMahon, Rushcliffe CLP

25. Tomasina Wallman, University of Nottingham Labour Students

26. Martin Gawith, Nottingham East CLP

27. Andrew Bowell, South Holland and The Deepings CLP

28. Chris Williams, Mansfield CLP

29. Julie Bowell, South Holland and The Deepings CLP

30. Elsie Greenwood, Newark CLP

31. Luke Smith, University of Loughborough Labour Students

32. Roy Lakey, Nottingham North CLP

33. Jane Lakey, Nottingham North CLP

34. David Fox, Nottingham South CLP

35. Phil Spear, Nottingham South CLP

36. Elaine Spear, Nottingham South CLP

37. James Horner, Nottingham Trent Labour Students

38. Robert Pettitt, Northampton CLP

39. Michael Winfield, Mid Derbyshire CLP

40. Gemma Exelby, Loughborough University Labour Students

41. Neil Wilson, Mid Derbyshire CLP

42. Jacob Stoke, Loughborough CLP

43. Viv Pointon, Grantham and Stamford CLP

44. Liz Perraudin, University of Nottingham Labour Students

45. Councillor Sam Webster, Nottingham East CLP

46. Councillor Dave Trimble, Nottingham South CLP

47. Betty Newton, Loughborough CLP

48. Ron Adams, North West Leicestershire CLP

49. Councillor Nick McDonald, Nottingham North CLP

50. Sue McKendrick, North West Leicestershire CLP

51. Jacob Collier, University of Nottingham Labour Students

52. Beth Miller, Corby and East Northants CLP

53. Gill Newton, Gedling CLP

54. Andy McDade, Corby and East Northants CLP

55. David Fincham, Nottingham South CLP

56. Séan McDade, Corby and East Northants CLP

57. Katrina Goddard, Loughborough CLP

58. Paul Rhodes, Lincoln CLP

59. Councillor Paul Wilkinson, Gedling CLP

60. Councillor Matt Reay, Corby and East Northants CLP

61. Heather Peto, Nottingham South CLP

62. Councillor Brian Parbutt, Nottingham East CLP

63. Councillor Tom Beattie, Leader Corby Borough Council, Corby and East Northants CLP

64. Councillor Robert Sharp, Leader Leader Leicestershire County Council Labour Group, Loughborough CLP

65. Stevie Cassidy, Corby and East Northants CLP

66. Emma Lowton, Nottingham East CLP

67. Joe Hamm, Loughborough CLP

68. Linda Cassidy, Corby and East Northants CLP

69. Amanda Hack, South Leicestershire CLP

70. Councillor Nicola Heaton, Nottingham South CLP

71. Peter Smeed, Ashfield CLP

72. Ian Loveland, Corby and East Northants CLP

73. Nick Brown, South Leicestershire CLP

74. Dr. Sarah Furlong, Bosworth CLP

75. Peter Scoffings, Nottingham East CLP

76. Councillor Toby Neal, Nottingham South CLP

77. Chris Kealey, Bosworth CLP

78. Nicolas Redfern, Nottingham East CLP

79. Alison Clark, Newark CLP

80. Claire Cochrane, Corby and East Northants CLP

81. David Clark, Newark CLP

82. Greg East, Derby North CLP

83. Joshua Eades, Amber Valley CLP

84. Tom Spray, Derby South CLP

85. Councillor David Mellen, Nottingham East CLP

86. Francesca Hannay, Derby North CLP

87. Christine Neal, Amber Valley CLP

88. Councillor Linda Woodings, Nottingham South CLP

89. Beresford Pick, Amber Valley CLP

90. Jason Pandya-Wood, Leicester West CLP

91. Dan Mayhew, Grantham and Stamford CLP

92. Leon Spence, North West Leicestershire CLP

93. Councillor Vijay Singh Riyait, Leicester West CLP

94. Sundip Meghani, Leicester West CLP

95. Richard Robinson, Ashfield CLP

96. Edward Gamble, Rushcliffe CLP

97. George Overton, Charnwood CLP

98. David Brown, Gedling CLP

99. Craig Stanley, Nottingham South CLP

100. Nigel Wright, Broxtowe CLP

101. Jordan Hearne, University of Nottingham Labour Students

102. Callum McNeill, Nottingham Trent University Labour Students

103. Alex Randell, Nottingham South CLP