Residents’ request for disabled parking for elderly near Northampton sheltered housing ‘ignored’

Councillor Gareth Eales with a petition by Spencer Haven residents for new parking
Councillor Gareth Eales with a petition by Spencer Haven residents for new parking

Northampton residents are concerned that requests to the council for a car park for disabled and elderly people are “falling on deaf ears.”

Spencer Dallington Residents Association (SDRA) have still not received a response from Northampton Borough Council, despite submitting a petition signed by residents in July last year for a dedicated car park for residents of sheltered and retirement housing in Spencer Haven.

There are approximately 55 homes - mainly flats and bungalows - in the area, which are now run by Northampton Partnership Homes. But there is no designated parking and only one disabled parking bay, despite many of the residents having disabilities.

However, a new parking facility has recently been built for residents in nearby Dallington Haven.

Chairman of the SDRA Valerie Holland, who is herself disabled, said: “This is something we desperately need, and the residents of Spencer Haven are very angry that no progress has been made and that our request has fallen on deaf ears.”

The association created a petition to accompany their request, which was signed by 50 of the 55 households.

The 69-year-old added: “To add insult to injury, a number of emails I have sent to Councillor Mackintosh have simply been ignored, which residents think is extremely rude, especially given his position and that he wishes to be our MP.”

She explained that ambulance vehicles are called to the area every week and that many residents who struggle to walk far have to have their shopping delivered.

But, without designated parking, she said the road becomes blocked and these vehicles sometimes have to park “in the middle of the main road.”

Councillor for the area, Gareth Eales (Lab, Spencer) added: “I cannot explain why no action has been taken. I made representations to Councillor Mackintosh and passed on the petition as requested by residents. Councillor Mackintosh took exception to receiving this petition, refused to deal with me any further on the issue and said he was going to deal with residents direct.”

Councillor Mackintosh responded: “I was happy to help the residents of Dallington Haven and I am grateful for the many letters and phone calls I have received.

“Responsibility for this passed to Northampton Partnership Homes on January 5 January, but I will be writing to them to check they are aware of this request and the petition.”