Resident questions why students cannot park on Waterside Campus

Credit: Kirsty Edmonds.
Credit: Kirsty Edmonds.

Letters will be sent out to Far Cotton residents next week to address the influx in on-street parking after students moved into Waterside Campus.

Heather Bryant of Malthouse Close is calling on the University of Northampton allow students to park on campus to alleviate the pressures on Far Cotton residents.

Heather, who has lived in her home for 12 years, said: "We have decided that we are going to have some protests on the corner of the street in Malthouse at least a couple of mornings a week until someone sits up and takes notice.

"We have been saying for a long while they built a university there and they have space for hundreds of cars, why don't they use it?”

But the university has said it cannot offer on-site parking for students as this was a stipulation of the planning permission for Waterside.

Heather added: "Everyone is so flaming angry over it. It's getting to the point now where people are saying they don't have to live like this."

"I work part-time at Morrisons and have to be at work at 6.30am in the morning. I was really ill last week and I really don't need all this.

"When I came home from work I had to walk around the cars in Malthouse Close to get to my own house. It is an absolute joke."

It comes weeks after fed-up neighbours submitted petitions to Northampton Borough Council calling on the authority to help improve the situation.

It includes a petition with more than 50 signatures from residents of Thomas Chapman Grove calling for parking permits to be implemented in the area.

Meanwhile, 27 residents from Malthouse Close have submitted their own petition calling for double yellow lines to be painted to prevent university students and staff parking in front of their drives.

The university has pledged to pay for a parking consultation for the affected areas, but the consultation could take months, and residents want action now.

A university spokesman said: “We have been working with local residents, police and the highways authority very closely on this issue and have contributed financially to the authority’s consultation, which will explore options for parking restrictions in the area neighbouring Waterside Campus.

“We will continue to remind students to consider alternative methods of travel to the campus, including using our park and ride facility and additional Uno bus services that the University runs.

“We would urge residents to report any instances of disrespectful behaviour to the University and make a note of number plates of vehicles parked inconsiderately, so that we can investigate or pass on information to the police and highways authority.

“Where students are parked illegally the police and the highways agency – who have enforcement powers in these matters – have the ability to tow the cars, as was demonstrated earlier this week."