Rescued motorist arrested for drink-driving in Northamptonshire

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A 70-year-old motorist was rescued from his vehicle by Northamptonshire Police officers after being trapped by flood waters... and was promptly arrested for drink driving.

The pensioner got into difficulties under a railway bridge on Podington Road in Wymington, near Rushden.

When he called police, he was unsure of the location but explained he was somewhere between Rushden and the M1.

At the time, he said the water was level was up to the sun visor in his car.

Officers located the vehicle, which was almost entirely immersed in water, and rescued the man from it, after which he received medical treatment.

However, he was then arrested by Bedfordshire Police on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Northamptonshire Police said they are using the incident, which happened on Sunday morning, as a reminder to motorists to take extra care when driving on the county’s roads following heavy rainfall.

Inspector Lisa Wombell said: “Motorists are reminded of the dangers involved in taking risks when driving through areas which are subject to surface flooding. Please don’t do it.”

Meanwhile, police also received a report of another incident at approximately 8am today involving a vehicle being trapped in flood water in Boddington Road in the Byfield area, by Boddington Lake in south Northamptonshire.

They said a fire crew had to rescued a lady from the roof of the vehicle.

Insp Wombell added: “Take a diversion - your journey may take a little longer, but you will arrive safely.”