Red Hot at Sixfields site to be flattened following blaze

Fire damage to Red Hot Buffet at Sixfields.
Fire damage to Red Hot Buffet at Sixfields.

The fire-damaged remains of a restaurant in Northampton destroyed by a fire in December are to be demolished to make the site safe, the building’s owner has said.

A major blaze ripped through Red Hot World Buffet in Sixfields on December 18 and caused irreparable damage 
to the restaurant, which had about 700 bookings for Christmas Day alone.

The fire was eventually extinguished by firefighters and the building has been sealed off to the public due to the extensive structural damage it suffered.

A planning application has now been submitted to Northampton Borough Council for the building to be demolished.

A spokesman for Red Hot World Buffet said no decision had been made on whether the restaurant would be rebuilt but said the site needed to be demolished to make it safe.

Following an investigation by Northants Fire & Rescue service it was established that the most likely cause of the fire was an electrical defect in the ceiling above the men’s toilets.

At the height of the fire, which started at about 11pm, eight fire crews and 60 firefighters were at the scene.

No customers were present at the time of the fire and all members of staff were safely evacuated. A section of Weedon Road was closed for 12 hours to allow fire crews to tackle the blaze.

James Horler, chief executive of Red Hot World Buffet, said a total of 33 people worked at the Northampton restaurant, including 18 full-time and 15 part-time.