Red-faced Northampton MP told “Calm down and be quiet!” by Speaker

John Bercow.
John Bercow.

The Northampton North MP Michael Ellis was subjected to an embarrassing put-down by the Speaker of the House of Commons at today’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

You can watch the rollocking on YouTube by clicking PMQs

The Commons session is often renowned for its raucous atmosphere with backbench MPs barracking each other from opposite benches and Mr Ellis - who only a few days earlier had been on his best behaviour escorting the Prince of Wales during a visit to his constituency - was rebuked by John Bercow for barracking the Labour leader Ed Miliband as he questioned the Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Labour leader, who was at the time questioning the PM over the economy, was forced to sit down as the Speaker intervened to call order in the House.

Viewers across the BBC, Sky News and Radio Five Live witnessed Mr Bercow launch one of his most scathing attacks in recent times for MPs being unruly during PMQs.

Turning to the Northampton North MP, who sits a couple of rows directly behind his party leader, he said: “Mr Ellis, You are a distinguished practising barrister. You would behave like that in the courts. Don’t behave like that in this Chamber.

“Calm yourself and be quiet. Learn it man. Mr Miliband...”