Rape victim: ‘I thought he was going to kill me’

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The victim of a convicted rapist from Lithuania, who attacked her within a month of being in the UK, said she was “raging angry” that no checks were made on him before he entered the country.

Gintas Burinskas, aged 36, attacked the 32-year-old woman in Northampton on Boxing Day last year, only five months after he finished a 10-year sentence for a rape committed in his home country.

Earlier this month at Northampton Crown Court, he was given another 10-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to charges of rape and grievous bodily harm.

But, as he was given a prison term of seven years for the rape, Burinskas will be entitled to apply for parole after less than five years in custody.

In an exclusive interview with the Chronicle & Echo, the victim said she was now terrified of going out on her own.

She said: “How did he slip through the system knowing what he had done in his own country? It is shocking. What is going to happen the next time he is out of prison?

“I’m raging, I’m proper mad. He should have been monitored the moment he left prison in his own country.

“I thought he was going to kill me. I think when the judge said 10 years he should be in prison for 10 years. I can’t go out now unless I am with someone.”

The woman said she felt like the abuse continued after the attack, due to the fact she was put on a course of anti-HIV treatment as a precaution following the rape.

Conservative MP for Northampton North Michael Ellis, said a written question had been submitted to the justice secretary about how Burinskas’s previous rape conviction was not highlighted when he entered the UK. He said: “I’ve highlighted this case with the Home Secretary. It is outrageous that people who have these types of criminal convictions can get into the country.”

Judge: ‘Rapist is dangerous’

Gintas Burinskas was described as a “dangerous” man by Judge Rupert Mayo who warned he “posed a significant risk of causing harm to others by committing other offences”.

During a sentencing hearing at Northampton Crown Court earlier this month it was revealed that Burinskas had a number of previous convictions from Lithuania, which included three years in prison for an aggravated burglary committed in 1998 and a 10-year sentence for a rape committed in September 2002.

He also got a further six-year sentence for the illicit consumption of drugs in prison in February 2006.

Burinskas eventually ended up serving a prison sentence of 10 years and six months and was released on August 2 last year. It is believed he came to Northampton in November 2012 in order to visit a family member.

Matthew Kirk, defending, said it was “likely” that Burinskas would be deported back to Lithuania towards the end of his prison sentence.

Rape centre praises victim

The manager of the Northamptonshire Rape and Incest Crisis Centre (NRICC) has praised the courage of the rape victim.

Dawn Thomas, who runs the centre in Billing Road, said the victim had been very courageous in giving evidence to the police 
which had helped secure Burinskas’s conviction for rape.

She said: “I would praise the courage of the victim for reporting this crime to the police.

The impact of sexual violence can have a devastating impact on the victims.

“The fact a man who was convicted of rape in his own country was allowed to come over to ours so easily and commit the very same crime is something which is of grave concern to us.”

Mrs Thomas said the centre provided a counselling service for anyone who had suffered from sexual violence, even if it had happened many years ago.

The centre is also able to extend support and counselling to the families and close friends of those who have suffered sexual abuse because it can have a ‘knock-on’ effect to those closest to them.

To contact the Northamptonshire Rape & Incest Crisis Centre, which is run as a charity, call Northampton 250721.

For more information go to www.nricc.com