Racecourse Pavilion in Northampton to become vegetarian cafe

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A landmark Northampton building has been handed over to a community group so it can be turned into a vegetarian restaurant and community centre.

On Wednesday night, Northampton Borough Council’s cabinet agreed to give the organisers of the town’s Umbrella Fair a 21-year lease on the ground floor of the Pavilion building in Northampton town centre’s Racecourse park.

The group plan to start work to convert the space into a cafe soon and have an office and toilets in place by this summer.

The rest of the plan could be completed within the next two years.

Speaking at the council meeting, Ian Bates from the Umbrella Fair said: “It will be an amazing community centre.

“We’ll take what is a rundown building and make a real landmark the town can be proud of.

“We want the Racecourse to become the most vibrant and fun park in Northampton.”

The ground floor of the Pavilion used to be changing rooms, but the space has not been used since 2007.

It is hoped the police will also be involved in the project in someway to help improve safety on The Racecourse.

The upper floor of the pavilion building will retain its current use as a Chinese restaurant.