‘Pyro’ amnesty bins at Sixfields for Northampton and Coventry games

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‘Pyro’ amnesty bins will be at Sixfields Stadium in Northampton tomorrow as part of a campaign to warn football fans about the dangers and penalties of smoke grenades, flares and fireworks.

Nationally, there is a growing trend of football fans taking ‘pyros’ into games in the belief their use creates a more exciting atmosphere and a ‘buzz’ around the ground.

However, they pose a danger to people and it is a criminal offence to enter or attempt to enter a stadium while in possession of fireworks, smoke grenades or other ‘pyro’ and to set them off in a public place.

PC Nick Price from Northamptonshire Police has been working on the campaign with lawyer Alison Gurden - a specialist in football supporter law and football policing – Northampton Town and Coventry City football clubs, the Football Supporters Federation and colleagues from Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue.

He said: “Although we’ve only had a few incidents at Sixfields, we want to prevent more from happening.

“We need people to understand the potential dangers and also realise possession and use of ‘pyros’ in a public place is a serious criminal offence that could even result in a prison sentence.

The bins will allow supporters to safely dispose of any ‘pyro’ on a ‘no questions asked’ basis.

The results of the amnesty trial will help inform how police and football clubs deal with the use of ‘pyro’ at football matches in the future.

Amnesty bins will at Coventry City’s games on April 18 and April 26 and Northampton Town games on April 21 and May 3

During the 2012/13 season there was one incident of ‘pyro’ being used at a Northampton Town home game at and two at Coventry City home games