Pupils’ exam results annulled after ‘maladministration’ at Northamptonshire primary school

Ecton Village School
Ecton Village School

Pupils at a primary school near Northampton have been told they will not be receiving their SATS results this week as they have been annulled by the Department of Education due to “maladministration of the processes surrounding the exam”.

A letter was sent home to parents of Year 6 children at Ecton Village Primary School on Tuesday, informing them the decision had been made following a routine monitoring visit by a member of the local authority during the SATS exams week.

Maggie Hunt, chairman of governors, said the local authority representative had raised concerns with the Department of Education at the time and following a “rigorous investigation” they had made their decision.

A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman said, as a result of the investigation, a member of staff at school is the subject of a disciplinary process.

The county council spokesman said: “There is now a disciplinary process under way concerning a member of staff, and an acting headteacher has been appointed to manage the school while full investigations are carried out.”

The letter sent home to parents states the school will be working closely with secondary schools to ensure they are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each child, despite not having their SATS results.

It states: “We will also provide teacher assessments of each child to the secondary schools.

“You will be provided with the teacher assessments as part of the full written report which will be distributed to parents before the end of term.

“I appreciate that both you and your child will be disappointed and I therefore apologise for the stress and anxiety that this situation may have caused.”

The Chron understands that it is a total of nine pupils whose SATS results have been annulled by the Department for Education.

One parent, who did not wished to be identified, said she was “not happy at all” about the situation.