Pubwatch hits back at Northamptonshire chief constable

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The chief constable of Northamptonshire Police is wrong to call for a 3am curfew on alcohol sales, according to the chairman of Northampton Pubwatch Association.

Karim Ayoubi said crime rates in the town centre were “tumbling” and an additional curfew was not needed.

Last week, the Chronicle & Echo featured a letter from Chief Constable Adrian Lee in which he stated that violence in the town centre leisure zone between 3am and 6am had increased by 91 per cent between 2004/5 and 2012/13.

But in response, Karim Ayoubi, chairman of Northampton Pubwatch association, said police statistics showed the extension of opening hours in 2005 had led to a 24 per cent drop in crime in the leisure zone.

Mr Ayoubi, who runs Urban Tiger and The Squirrels Inn in Northampton, said: “Clearly, we’re doing something right aren’t we? Licensees and the police, through Pubwatch, have a great working relationship, and the police freely admit how hard licensees have worked to improve things.

“The vast majority of people are friendly, good natured people, having a good time, causing no problems. An Early Morning Restriction Order (EMRO) will almost certainly mean the closure of some venues. More unemployment. Less choice. Less appeal. Less money coming into the town. More failed businesses. More empty buildings.

“At a time when the council is desperate for ideas on how to regenerate the town, the police are advocating economic suicide for an industry that is already struggling to survive and yet their own figures show that there is absolutely no need for an EMRO.”