Pub ‘glassing’ left man with 40 stitches

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Five men have been sentenced for their part in a village pub garden brawl, which left one victim requiring 40 stitches and unable to eat or speak.

Gregory Westley, aged 21, of Watering Lane, in Collingtree, and Michael Baron, aged 22, of Courteenhall Road, in Blisworth, were both jailed for their part in the attack, which resulted in one man having a pint glass thrown in his face.

Three other men were handed suspended sentences for affray.

Northampton Crown Court this week heard the five men were drinking inside The Royal Oak pub, in Blisworth, on April 9, last year, when two men approached them.

One asked the group who was “Baz”, referring to Baron. The judge was told Baron had apparently upset another group, who were threatening him. The two men left the pub and waited in a smoking shelter in the pub garden.

The court heard the five defendants then went outside, and after exchanging words they started brawling.

Westley then launched a pint glass into the face of one of the victims, leaving him unable to eat and only able to drink through a straw. A second victim was left requiring 10 stitches to a lip wound.

On Tuesday, Westley was locked up for 30 months for one charge of ABH and 12 months, to be served concurrently, for a second. Baron was given 12 months for affray.

Tomas Dunkley, aged 19, Richard Husbands, aged 21, and Todd Jenner, aged 20, all from Blisworth, were sentenced for 50 weeks, suspended for two years.

Judge Richard Bray told a thug who hurled a pint glass into the face of another man in a pub brawl he was guilty of a “serious, unprovoked attack”.

He said: “This was a frightening incident. Both victims had to go to hospital. One of them received serious cuts to the neck and mouth requiring no less than 40 stitches.

Addressing Gregory Westley, who threw the glass, he said: “There has to be a custodial sentence of some length.”