PSPO law could be introduced to Rothwell, Desborough, Burton Latimer and other Kettering areas

The matter will be discussed tonight
The matter will be discussed tonight

Kettering Council’s controversial PSPO law could be extended across parts of the borough.

The law, which was introduced in July, prohibits activities such as drinking, begging and skateboarding in Kettering’s town centre.

Now the council’s research and development committee will meet tonight (Thursday) to discuss if it wishes to consult on proposals on introducing the PSPO to other parts of the borough.

The PSPO could replace existing Designated Public Places Orders (DPPOs) in Desborough town centre, Burton Latimer town centre and the Grange shops area in Kettering, which expire in October 2017.

DPPOs ban alcohol consumption in public spaces covered and and allow police to confiscate or dispose of alcohol which is being consumed in the street.

However, if the PSPO does replace the DPPO it could include other aspects.

A report ahead of the meeting says: “It is not suggested that PSPOs in other locations should contain the same provisions; they are shown as an illustration of the sort of provisions already in place.

“They do not, equally, represent an exhaustive list of what could be included.”

The opportunity also exists to create PSPOs for areas currently without one but with a potential need.

The report adds: “At the time of writing, officers are aware that Rothwell and the Mill Road park area may have an interest.”

If the PSPO is introduced, additional signs will be erected at a cost likely to be in the region of £2,000 to £3,000.

The meeting takes place at 7pm tonight in the committee room in the municipal offices.