Protest tonight over plans for school at Northamptonshire Police HQ

Dennis Murray Wootton Hall, Police Headquarters. ENGNNL00520130925110335
Dennis Murray Wootton Hall, Police Headquarters. ENGNNL00520130925110335
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Protestors are set to make their feelings known against a proposed school on the site of the Northampton Police headquarters at Wootton Hall tonight.

The demonstration, at Sixfields Stadium, has been organised by retired policeman Justin Brown, who in February set up the website ‘’ to ‘challenge and oppose’ the county Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds.

Speaking about the protest Mr Brown said:“This small dignified demonstration has been timed to coincide with an open evening being held by the prospective Wootton Park School.

“I fully agree that opening new schools can be a great idea, I don’t believe the processes behind the proposed one at Wootton Hall are the kind of foundations any school should be built upon.”

He explained: “There just seems to be such a rushed approach to get the school open by 2016. The existing police headquarters needs to be moved first.”

Mr Brown says that the current police headquarters is still fit for purpose and should not be replaced.

The protest is to take place outside Sixfields stadium tonight between 7pm and 7.45pm.