Procession of lorries will help say farewell to Northampton skip boss

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A procession of lorries and Rolls Royces will mark the funeral of one of Northampton’s most successful businessmen.

Ray Bell, the founder of Raybell and Sons, which provides skip hire, waste and tarmac services, died aged 71 at Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

He came to Northampton 30 years ago and established a tarmaccing firm in Welford Road, Kingsthorpe.

But the businessman in him spotted an opportunity in a sideline that led to his name being well known in the town.

John Bell, one of his two sons, said: “He saw that we were always having trouble getting rid of waste from the tamaccing ourselves, and he thought others must be having the same trouble.

“That’s why the company branched out and became what it is today.”

The company now has a fleet of about 100 vehicles and well in excess of 1,500 skips.

John said: “He had a drive about him but he loved people most of all. The number of people he gave advice and direct financial help to must be in the thousands.”

Mr Bell was involved in the business on a daily basis until about four months before his death.

His funeral service will be held at Kingsthorpe Village Church from 12.30pm on Thursday, March 20, where more than 500 friends and family are expected .

Beforehand, a number of lorries, as well as several Rolls Royces, will slowly drive through Kingsthorpe.