Private landlords in Northampton receive £23.5 million in housing benefit a year

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No Caption ABCDE NNL-150303-115639001

Private landlords in Northampton receive more than third of the £74 million housing benefit claimed in Northampton every year, latest figures show.

Analysis of the 324 councils in the UK, shows that a total of £828m of housing benefit is paid directly to private landlords.

In Northampton, private landlords get 36 per cent of £73.64 million housing benefit.

The area with the highest amount of housing benefit going to the private rental sector is the London Borough of Enfield, with £190 million going to private landlords.

The city with the highest proportion of housing benefit paid to landlords is Blackpool where 76 per cent of the city’s £89.1 millon housing benefit budget went to the private rental sector.

The list of the top 20 private landlords that receive housing benefit in Northampton are as follows:

1 Lumsden Housing £922,133

2 Chelton Brown £381,399

3 Expert Lettings £289,844

4 Mayday Trust £236,297

5 Belvoir £210,921

6 Viridian Housing £147,820

7 Ashby Lowery Residential Lettings £129,468

8 The Property Saints Ltd £104,378

9 Jp Property Management £91,913

10 Maplyn Care Services Ltd £85,568

11 Name not disclosed £83,955

12 Lenwell Ltd £77,887

13 Richmond Fellowship £75,936

14 Name not disclosed £75,932

15 Name not disclosed £66,237

16 Care Assure Northampton Ltd £64,017

17 Name not disclosed £63,232

18 Wellington Support £59,117

19 Independent Letting Agents £58,404

20 Cotter & Co £58,204

The producers of the list stress that the landlords have done nothing wrong in providing housing.