Praise for caring NHS staff by mum of young baby goes viral on social media with support for Northampton General Hospital


A post on the Chronicle & Echo’s Facebook page praising the work of NHS has gone viral reaching 80,000 people and getting positive support for staff at Northampton General Hospital.

Yesterday, the Chron published the comments of Trina Kightley-Jones, whose one-year-old son was admitted to hospital earlier in the week.

She said: “Yesterday I had the misfortune of having my 1-year-old son admitted to hospital.

“Today I am just sat quietly trying to get my son off to sleep, reflecting on yesterday’s events. What struck me was how present the staff were, there wasn’t a moment when you couldn’t find a doctor or a nurse.

“They were always busy but always there. An amazing team of people and I’m truly sorry they are so stretched, and I’m really quite disgusted that one had to justify her reasons for taking a break, something she is entitled to.

“Doctors and nurses of the NHS, (on the whole) I am humbled by your dedication and the love you have for your work. They get such bad press sometimes, and they really don’t get the support they deserve.

“I for one am sending them love and support and the hope of a better future for them and the NHS,” she added.

The comment was liked more than 1,800 times on the Chron’s Facebook page and reached more than 80,000 people. Readers were quick to add their messages of support as well.

Jake Thorpe said: “Working in the NHS all I usually hear is negativity. It’s so refreshing to hear something positive for a change and to know that the work we do around the clock is appreciated. Hope her son gets well soon!”

Louise OConnor said: “I recently had two stays in hospital after major surgery I was on Spencer Ward and apart from a few all the nurses worked their socks off and we’re really friendly and took there time with me even though they were so busy ..all had a sense of humour ...which helps whilst feeling dreadful they have my full respect ...also been in and out of Paddington ward over the past few years with my now five year old and again apart from the usual waiting they were all very attentive and caring ...they have my total respect.”

Monica White Peralta said: “Nice to read positive comments about the NHS, these people work really hard even though they’re over worked and under paid....I’ve always had good experiences with NGH and my local surgery. ...when I gave birth, the midwives at NGH were fantastic!”

Ruth Prakash added: “ I couldn’t agree more, I had major surgery in September this year and was on Spencer Ward, and all of the staff were incredible, I cannot fault them. Currently I attend every weekday in the Oncology department for chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment and through a few other departments too, again all the staff are brilliant, so helpful and friendly, they work tirelessly, are very thorough and work with great care. Northampton General Hospital has been and continues to be excellent.”

Teresa Battensby said: “My husband has just come out of hospital, he was on Benham, then Dryden wards. Absolutely marvellous staff. Thank you also to the ambulance staff, wonderful people, as were those in A&E.”

Sarah Ballantyne added: “I hope your little one gets better soon. My little one ( also 1) also got admitted into hospital in October for one night. But we had amazing care right from the ambulance crew. To the recuse team and on the ward. We can’t thank them enough.”

Sue Anderson said: “I’m in hospital now, and the attention and care from the nursing staff, people who bring the food and drink, even the cleaners has been fantastic. Swapping wards is a bit of a pain, but apart from that I have noticed a big improvement all round. Well done workers of the NHS.”