Pottersbury distillery launches new gin ‘inspired by the flavours of old England’

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A small Northamptonshire distillery is set to launch its first gin inspired by the flavours of old England.

Potterspury-based Wharf Distillery will launch the spirit at an Artisan Food & Drink Market at their distillery, deli and tap room.

The gin is the latest spirit from the business which began distilling in 2014 with the launch of an apple brandy produced from their own cider.

Owner Laurence Conisbee and partner Alice Warren are particularly proud of the new gin which sits alongside their single malt spirits, vodka, brandy and wide range of liqueurs.

Mr Conisbee said: “All our core spirits take their names from Anglo Saxon origin.

“Our Gin is called Safine Drenc which literally means Juniper Drink.

“The production of the gin was driven by customers coming into the distillery and asking which gin was ours.

“We thought why not, it could be a bit of fun, but we wanted to create a gin that actually tasted and smelt like gin.

“Safine Drenc has a good dose of juniper berries and this forms the backbone of the gin, as it should.

“We have then entwined some classic botanicals - lemongrass to add a touch of the orient and an element of citrus, elderflower to add to the bouquet and to give flavours of the English countryside, then ling heather, the essence of old England and a symbol of courage, nostalgia and wellbeing.

He added: “Wharf Distillery is all about local, small batch, hand-crafted produce that’s often a little bit different.

“Our gin sits neatly in our range of passionately crafted spirits, each one telling its own story.”

The market will take place on Saturday, March 17 from 11am until 2pm at Wharf Distillery with the distillery open from 10am until 5pm.

To find out more about Wharf Distillery visit www.wharfdistillery.co.uk