Pop-up refreshment facility to open at Delapre Abbey gardens in Northampton on Saturday

A new refreshment facility is set to open at Delapre Abbey on Saturday.
A new refreshment facility is set to open at Delapre Abbey on Saturday.

A pop-up refreshment facility is due to open at Delapre Abbey in Northampton in Saturday, following the closure of the site’s popular tea rooms.

The final blow was dealt to the Friends of Delapre Abbey run tea rooms at the end of March when its board took the decision to change the locks of the premises and move all the cash off site.

The FODA board claimed it had been operating at a loss and was no longer a viable business.

When it was announced tea rooms would be closing at the start of March, the borough council said it would provide a ‘temporary’ cafe facility in the walled gardens of the abbey throughout summer.

It is not yet known exactly who will be running the temporary facility, but a white marquee was erected in the garden area ten days ago.

A spokesperson for Northampton Borough Council said: “Following the sudden announcement by the Friends of Delapre Abbey to close their tea room we are working as quickly as we can to open a new refreshment facility in the walled garden at Delapre Abbey.

“New equipment is being installed and staffing arrangements being organised, which will allow the new refreshment facility to open on Saturday, April 11.”

The borough council is also set to reconvene for a one-off ‘extraordinary’ meeting on Wednesday (April 15) to discuss a motion it passed on the tea rooms in November, which resolved to keep the facility on ‘a rolling lease’ in its current location, “until the time work makes the location uninhabitable”.

The meeting has been called at the behest of the Liberal Democrat group on the council, which says the authority has gone back on its word.

The concil’s Labour group is understood to be supportive of the motion.