Polls open for police commissioner election

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Voting is underway for the Police and Crime Commissioner election in Northamptonshire amid fears the result could yet be decided in the courts.

According to predictions, just over one in 10 voters are expected to turn out for today’s election, which will decide the county’s first commissioner.

However, the vote has been thrown into turmoil by revelations the Labour candidate, Lee Barron, will not be able to take the job even if he is elected.

An arrest from 1990 will prevent him from taking the role.

However, due to a legal technicality his name will still appear on the ballot paper. The Home Office has already said another election will be called if he wins.

At least two of the remaining four candidate have already expressed concern the decision could end up decided in the courts or via a fresh election.

The candidates are Jim MacArthur (UKIP), John Norrie (Ind), Adam Simmonds (Con) and Paul Varnsverry (Lib Dem).

Updates from tomorrow’s count will published on the Chron’s website when counting begins, from 10.30am.