Watch as Nigel Farage caught out in Brexit joke on live radio by Northampton prankster

With the House of Commons raging over the Supreme Court ruling and Brexit, a little bit of laughter is sometimes needed to lighten the mood in politics.

Thursday, 26th September 2019, 11:50 am
Nigel Farage. Photo: Getty Images

And that is exactly what a prankster from Northampton provided when he caught out Nigel Farage live on his LBC radio show on Tuesday (September 24).

The Brexit Party leader introduces the caller as 'Mark from Northampton' before a discussion about Boris Johnson and Britain's exit from the EU.

Mark then tells Mr Farage: "I've got to say, I'm immensely grateful to you for everything you've done for British politics over the last few years.

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Nigel Farage. Photo: Getty Images

"I used to be an ardent Remainer, I voted remain, I believed in the European project, I believed that staying in the European Union was the best thing for us.

"And then something happened and... something monumental happened and it completely changed my opinion on the whole situation."

Mr Farage asks: "What was that monumental thing Mark?"

And with the most deadpan voice, Mark replies: "I was kicked in the head by a horse."

Mr Farage seems to take it pretty well, saying: "Okay fine, thank you. Mark we're going to move on from that."

Appearing on Good Morning Britain yesterday (Wednesday), Mr Farage laughed about it with Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, saying 'you never know what you’ll quite get' with new callers.