‘Vote for me and I will resign’ Richard Garvie says he still hopes to win Northamptonshire seat for Labour

Richard Garvie, Labour Party
Richard Garvie, Labour Party

A Parliamentary candidate who was suspended by the Labour party after being convicted of fraud involving railway tickets has apologised for “letting people down”.

Richard Garvie, 30 of Rowlett Road, Corby, is standing in the General Election for Wellingborough and Rushden.

On Thursday he was convicted of using a card for a closed bank account to pay for nearly £900 of train tickets. The sentencing magistrate told Mr Garvie the bench “did not find his evidence credible” and that they had “no doubt he had acted dishonestly”.

In a statement released today, Mr Garvie said he planned to appeal the decision and apologised for the situation “that has been caused”. He has pledged to step down if elected but still wants Labour to win the seat.

“I dispute I committed fraud against East Midlands Trains on the basis that I ran up a debt with my bank and that there is no evidence to suggest that I intended for East Midlands Trains to not to recieve payment.

“I deeply regret running up this debt, but as the bank have said they didn’t flag up any concerns and the debt was passed to an agency to arrange payment.”

“I’m sorry that I have let down my party, my supporters and my friends on this issue, although I plan to appeal the verdict the negative publicity this issue has caused is regrettable.”

“Ed Miliband is still the right person to lead this country, and Labour are the only party who have plans to get things moving in this constituency at both national and local levels.”

“Unfortunately I can’t be replaced on the ballot paper. This means that for all those who have voted, I want to make sure their votes count for something. If you support Labour, vote for me on polling day and I will do the honourable thing if elected.”

“I feel that this is the only way to ensure that those who have already voted have their votes heard.

“I think it is really easy to judge people on things that have taken place many years ago. That being said, people hopefully learn from their mistakes and although I feel that I would have to do the decent thing if elected, I don’t want people to have wasted their votes in this election.”

Mr Garvie’s name will still appear on the ballot paper as it is too late to change it.