Northampton’s controversial ‘Let Yourself Grow’ slogan could be replaced

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THE controversial ‘Let Yourself Grow’ catchphrase which has featured on Northamptonshire‘s welcome signs for the past six years was ‘of its time’ and could be replaced in the future, the man in charge of promoting tourism in the county has said.

The slogan was launched in May 2006 following a two-year, £100,000, study to find a phrase which summed up the county.

It has since come under criticism from the Plain English Society for making Northamptonshire “sound like a bag of compost”.

Rob Purdie, who is now the executive director of the county’s business and tourism promotion group, the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership (NEP), insisted the phrase still worked well on the internet, but said the street signs could be altered in the future.

He said: “With any branding, you often get to a point where you need to start refreshing it and looking at it again, and we’re certainly doing that.”

While the business expert has said NEP would not want to spend another large sum of money producing new welcome signs in the near future, he said he would like to know how residents thought the ‘essence of the county’ could be summed up better.

He said: “There’s no point in replacing it until we’ve got something better, that will be the key thing. But finding the essence of the county is not easy.

“I would love to think we could come up with something as good as ‘I Love NY”, but that’s a once-in-a-lifetime piece of branding.”