Meet the Brexit Party's transgender candidate to fight a general election in South Northamptonshire

A transgender Brexit Party candidate for South Northamptonshire believes her party is more inclusive and 'diverse' than its critics make out.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 4:44 pm
Updated Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 5:44 pm
The Brexit Party's prospective parliamentary candidate for South Northamptonshire, Rachel Warby. Photo: Facebook

Rachel Warby will be on the ballot promising a 'clean' break from the European Union in the next general election, which seems to be increasingly more likely to happen.

The 52-year-old hairdressing teacher from Stamford, Lincolnshire, said it is refreshing to see her party pick candidates of lots of different genders, sexualities, religions and ethnicities.

"I consider myself to have been transgender all my life, I had the operation in 1992 so I've spent 27 years of my life as me," she said.

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The Brexit Party's prospective parliamentary candidate for South Northamptonshire, Rachel Warby. Photo: Facebook

"So for me, it's quite ordinary and normal but it gives an interesting perspective on politics as it's quite on-trend and a big thing for my party to be seen as inclusive."

Rachel believes her background is a 'collective mix of what is great about the UK' with her Manchester mother and north London father bringing up her and her eight siblings in Peterborough.

Teaching hairdressing to college students introduced her to the EU's 'obsession' with regulations as she said some pupils would be so put off by paperwork they would leave the course.

As well as calling for a prompt Brexit, Rachel is anti-HS2 and building on green belt land, and has concerns about non-biodegradable plastics and non-free range food.

Brexit Party election candidate for South Northamptonshire Rachel Warby in Brackley

"We all have a duty in society, and a responsibility to help each other through difficult periods in our lives," she said.

"I believe we are all guardians of democracy and we have a duty to preserve this, it is fundamentally what holds us all together, without it we lose what it is that creates our freedom, liberty and effective civil society."

An election is looming very large as opposition and rebel Conservative MPs edge closer to blocking a no-deal Brexit, which Boris Johnson said would cause him to seek a snap poll.

Current South Northants MP Andrea Leadsom backed 'leave' in the EU referendum and is considered a 'Brexiteer'.

But Rachel believes her support for Theresa May's withdrawal deal will sway voters to switch to the Brexit Party and herself in the next election.

On a potential battle with the business ecretary, Rachel said: "It's quite an honour to go up against such an incredible, intellectual woman and I hope I can gain as much experience from this as people backing me.

"I took the challenge on as I thought, 'great I will go for it,' because Andrea did vote for the dreaded withdrawal agreement, we call it a 'surrender'.

"So as she voted for it, I don't think she wants the clean Brexit we need so hopefully there will be a lot of people in the South Northamptonshire area who see that and the need to govern ourselves and regenerate.

"It will be an interesting campaign."