This is how Northampton would be carved up if new parish councils are approved

Boundaries that would create new parish councils in Northampton have been revealed.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 4:29 pm
The Option B map of proposed parishes

The map shows what the town will look like if a smaller Town Council is created in 2021, leaving the rest of Northampton to be governed on parochial matters by parish councils.

As reported this week, Whitehills and Spring Park Residents' Association (WASPRA) have applied to create Kingsthorpe Parish Council. The map shows there would also be parish councils in Boothville and Parklands, Northampton East, Abington and Weston Favell, and Far Cotton and Delapre.

Subject to approval, Duston Parish Council would take on houses between Weedon Road and Bants Lane, as well as the Ryehill Estate, Lodge Farm Industrial Estate and Sixfields retail park.

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All areas not covered by these new councils or the 10 existing parishes would be governed by the new Northampton Town Council.

In a report written for next month's Full Council meeting at the Guildhall, borough council chief executive George Candler says: "A new parish council would be able to hold any relevant historic property including property of a civic and ceremonial nature, hold and manage buildings and land, and potentially develop and support new community services not within the strict statutory remit of district, unitary and county councils.

"Parish councils are also able to perform functions on behalf of other local authorities where so allowed by statute."

The political vision for Northampton is not backed by the town's Labour group, however. The opposition party have expressed reservations about the cost and burdensome responsibilities placed on the micro-authorities.

Instead, Labour is arguing for a Northampton Town Council covering the town centre and all of the areas where new parishes are proposed.

Its plan says: "Many assets and many services cover the whole town. It would be unfair and unrealistic to expect a parish council to adopt really expensive assets like Delapre Abbey... or Abington Park.

"Important local decisions affecting the town should be devolved to a body with overarching and inclusive responsibilities - a town council."