'FLATHAMPTON': Here's what YOU said about the onslaught of planning applications to build hundreds of student flats in Northampton

Chron readers criticise influx of plans to build hundreds of flats in Northampton

By Logan MacLeod
Monday, 16th May 2022, 5:26 pm

Chron readers have fiercely reacted to the news of more planning applications proposing to build even more flats in and around Northampton town centre.

This month (May) has seen a planning application for 356 student flats in Kingsthorpe approved; plans for 352 student flats in Market Walk refused; and plans to convert build 30 flats above the former Tesco Metro in Abington Street.

Many readers shared their thoughts on social media about the applications, with some calling for the town to be renamed 'Flathampton' and others criticising capitalism.

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The former Tesco Metro (left, Bective Works (right), and Market Walk (bottom) have all had planning applications submitted to convert them into flats

Bective Works plans (approved)

Diane Simons said: "I see people moaning about the way land is developed quite often in Northamptonshire and elsewhere. But those very people don’t seem to understand it’s their own doing.

"It’s called capitalism. We keep voting for councillors and MPs who just love capitalism. Capitalism is why land is purchased by profit makers, buildings are planned and developed by profit makers, the councils’ plans and rules are created and approved by profit makers, built by profit makers and run by profit makers.

"Keeping people happy, comfortable and able to afford a descent lifestyle is not profitable. This is why we don’t get the towns we want.

"It’s boring politics again folks. If you vote for people who think money is the only thing that really matters, then you will continue to get developments that put profit before people and environment. You get what you vote for."

​Tesco Metro plans

Jane Bull said: "For goodness sake, how many more flats? It will be standing room only here soon. No wonder people shop online! There's nothing to come to Northampton for."

Chell Laurie-Green said: "Why can’t these investors be made to build so many social housing properties?"

Paul Mayes said: "We don't need anymore flats in the town. The town centre needs more shops that will bring people back into town and the shops need to be ones that people want.”

Leanne Powell said: "Shock, more flats. I think I'll keep shopping in Milton Keynes, Birmingham and Rushden Lakes."

Steph Gibson said: "Why don't the council just close the town and turn all shops into flats? That's the way we are heading, There is nothing in the town centre to draw people in anymore.

"We are now going to be known far and wide as Flathampton."

Steve Banks said: "Town centre is becoming a housing estate."

Liam Carroll said: "Don't even need to open the article, if you see a planning application in Northampton, it's going to involve turning shop units into flats."

Pam Allen said: "Flathampton."

However, there was some defence of the plans from a couple of commenters.

Edward Chelton Brown said: "Why is everyone so negative? If you want the town centre to be shops, stop buying off Amazon and vote with your feet and wallet.

"We have a huge shortage of housing in Northampton and I’d rather see brown field sites and empty commercial properties used than green spaces."

Joanne Prickett said: "Good idea, need to smarten up Abington Street, and we need more housing. Will look much better than having lots of empty shops."