Council to save £450 as change of polling station for Northampton ward by-election agreed

The by-election is taking place after a councillor failed to make a declaration of acceptance after she was elected earlier this year

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 2:34 pm

A change in a polling station venue has been approved for a Northampton Town Council by-election to help reduce costs.

West Northamptonshire Council agreed to the recommendation for the Talavera ward at its full council meeting on July 15.

The council was recommended to agree the change to the polling place in the polling district NSTV6 for the by-election on September 2.

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The council has agreed a change in polling station for a by-election.

The by-election is taking place after recently elected councillor Lorraine Chirisa did not make a declaration of acceptance in the required time. Ms Chirisa was elected to the ward at the local elections in May.

The cost of the by-election will be covered by the town council and alternative venues were considered to the current polling station at Rectory Farm Community Centre.

A report to the council stated: "Following the casual vacancy in the Talavera ward, concerns have been raised with the returning officer over the costs to town council of the by-election following on from the recent election on May 6 and we are looking at alternative venues to reduce cost."

The changes considered were using the Growing Together Blackthorn Community Centre instead of Rectory Farm Community Centre.

Also changing the venue of the mobile facility at Nisa Goldings Car Park to the Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH) Community Hub around the corner.

The report goes on the state: "Polling District NNTV4 currently vote at the Mobile at Nisa Goldings Car Park.

"There is an NPH community hub which is just around the corner from the current venue which would be free to use and would be a suitable venue for the polling station.

"However, we have received an objection to this polling station from the leader of the town council on the basis of accessibility and therefore this change has not been recommended.

"Polling district NSTV6 is currently allocated to Rectory Farm Community Centre due to it falling in the Northampton South Constituency.

"As only a parish election will be taking place on September 2, we propose it is combined with NNTV5 to vote at the Growing Together Blackthorn Community Centre.

"This will mean that the polling station is closer to the residents living in NSTV6."

The report states further on: "The total savings to the town council in making both changes would have been £1827.44 however as the first change is not recommended, the recommended change at NSTV6 will save £450 for the town council.

"If the proposed change is approved, there will be signage outside the polling place informing voters of the change of venue and if the town council request poll cards, a note will be put on the poll cards to advise electors of any new arrangements."