Polish ‘need to learn English’

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A Polish woman who has set up a language school in Northampton has said she hopes to help community cohesion in the town by teaching European migrants how to speak English.

Joanna Dziekonska-Stepien, who has lived in Northampton for five years, has set up Lingua Studio in Sheep Street where people can learn practical English used in everyday situations and at work.

Mrs Dziekonska-Stepien said: “Those who come over from Poland who don’t speak English find it harder to integrate. If you speak the language it is easier for you to feel like you belong in the country.

“No one wants to isolate themselves and it is human nature to be part of a community. One of the ways you can do that is by learning the language.

“I want to help support community cohesion by helping Polish people learn English. It is important to know cultural differences and to know phrases used in everyday communication.

“I will also teach how the culture relates to social behaviour and how to find jobs and find translation services.”

Mrs Dziekonska-Stepien said many of the Polish people she had spoken to in Northampton found people in the town to be “very friendly and welcoming”.

Mrs Dziekonska-Stepien said many Polish people in Northampton struggled to access basic services in the town as they did not know any English.

Common Polish phrases include: Jak się masz? which means How are you?

Do you speak English? – Czy mówisz po angielsku?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand – Przepraszam, ale nie rozumiem.

Could you help me, please? – Czy mógłbyś mi pomóc?

For more information visit www.linguastudio.co.uk