Policeman saves baby girl’s life in Northampton while attending burglary

PC Dec Gabriel
PC Dec Gabriel

A police constable saved a baby’s life in Northampton after hearing the distressed cries of her mum while investigating a burglary.

PC Dec Gabriel from Northamptonshire Police was attending a crime scene last night (Saturday) when he heard the mum screaming.

He sprinted into her house and performed first aid before speeding the baby to Northampton General Hospital.

He then ran with her into A&E where doctors said his actions probably stopped the 12-month-old - who is called Chloe - from dying.

PC Gabriel said on Twitter: “Was on burglary conatainment in plain clothes when I saw a screaming lady on the phone.

“Identified myself as police and she told me her baby had fitted and stopped breathing.

“Ran upstairs, emergency first aid, scooped tongue out and carried baby to my police car.

“Ran into A&E and handed baby to trauma team who have just told me I have saved baby Chloe’s life.”

He added two hours later: “Anyone for some good news. Just been to see baby Chloe. She is recovering and snoring her head off.

“Thanks to both colleagues and staff at Northampton General Hospital for their hard work #Team999.”