Policeman: clubber asked me if I’d seen his iPhone as I was doing CPR on victim at Northampton nightclub

GV of Lava Ignite where student Nabila Nanfuka died.
GV of Lava Ignite where student Nabila Nanfuka died.

Clubbers who were trying to get into an ambulance stopped the CPR on a student who died after a Northampton nightclub crush, an inquest heard today.

The jury at the inquest into the deaths of Northampton student Nabila Nanfuka and Dani Jackson heard police officers and paramedics described a badly-behaved crowd at Lava & Ignite, some of whom they said hindered efforts to treat injured young clubbers following a huge crush on the stairs.

One officer said a man asked him where his lost iPhone was while he was doing chest compressions on Dani outside the St Peter’s Way club.

Other officers said they struggled to get through crowds, some of whom refused to move even though the police were carrying casualties. And some officers said they were jostled and kicked by people as they tried to give CPR to injured girls.

One paramedic said in a statement read out to the jury by the coroner that she was treating Nabila but was impeded by some clubbers.

She said: “A crowd of people claiming to be friends of Nabila were opening the doors [of the ambulance] and looking through the windows.

“It was making it difficult for us and was interrupting the CPR.

“At one point I had to stop the CPR to get them off the ambulance.”

Other emergency services staff described being hindered by clubbers on the night of the tragedy - which was October 18 / 19 2011 - who were gathering round trying to see who the casualties were.

PC John Campbell, who was helping give CPR to Dani after she was carried outside, said: “I could not believe people were stooping over me while I did CPR. I remember being asked by one man if I’d seen his iPhone as I was giving chest compressions.

“Some people had to be physically moved out of the way. I was being knocked off balance while I was on the ground with people crowding round.”

He added: “I’m disgusted at the behaviour of some members of the crowd.

“There was utterly selfish behaviour as they stepped over us and the casualty and asked where their property was.

“I was saddened to read afterwards that some people blamed the police for not doing enough.”

The inquest continues.