Police recover car used in Tesco raid in Northmapton during which staff had kitchen cleaner sprayed on wrists

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Police have recovered the getaway car used by two robbers who tied up staff at a Tesco in Northampton.

The raid happened at about 5.40am on Tuesday at the Tesco Express in Bordeaux Close, Duston.

Two members of staff were bound with cable ties by a pair of masked men, who made off with cash and cigarettes.

However, police confirmed yesterday that officers spotted their getaway car a short time later and gave chase.

The car crashed and the two men fled, but officers recovered the vehicle and are carrying out tests to try to discover the criminals’ identities.

A spokesman said their loot was found inside.

He said: “Officers found cigarettes from the store and what we believe is all the stolen money.”

It comes after an attempted robbery at the same store in September, by two men – one armed with screwdriver.

And a robbery similar to the one this week was carried out recently at the Co-op in Main Road, Duston.

Police are re-examining both crimes to find any possible links to the latest robbery.

In Tuesday’s raid the staff were opening the main doors when they were bundled in by the men, who were not armed.

One was made to release the cash then both were tied up. Neither was injured.

Deputy manager Paul Clifton said: “There was no need to tie them up because company policy is to just hand the money over. They’re trained to do that.”

An unusual feature of the crime was that kitchen cleaner was sprayed on the wrists of the Tesco staff members.

They were tied at the wrist with cable ties and made to stay in the cash kiosk.

But the robbers sprayed the ties for an unknown reason.

Paul Clifton, the store’s deputy manager, said: “It’ an odd thing to do. We assume it was to discourage staff from trying to bite through the ties and escape.”