Police re-open Cardigan Close in Dallington after “incident” is resolved

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Submitted picture

Police have re-opened an area of Northampton where armed officers had been deployed to an incident now described as “not major or serious”.

Officers were called to an address in Cardigan Close, Dallington, Northampton just after 2pm on Friday.

Superintendent Dave Hill led the operation, which saw a number of police officers attend the scene.

He said: “Information was received by the police which led to a number of police resources being deployed to the area of Cardigan Close.

“While this was being done, further investigations were carried out which allowed quick decisions to be taken.

“The incident was then scaled back and a move to normal policing tactics was made to resolve what was not a major or serious incident.”

No properties in the area were evacuated during the incident and Cardigan Close was reopened to the general public just after 8pm.