Police raids across Northampton targeting human slavery, child exploitation and anti-social behaviour

Dennis Murray Wootton Hall, Police Headquarters. ENGNNL00520130925110246
Dennis Murray Wootton Hall, Police Headquarters. ENGNNL00520130925110246

Police have made a number of arrests in as part of crackdown on violent crime in Northamptonsire over the last month.

Superintendent Dennis Murray, who is leading Operation Scorpion, including raids in Northampton targeting anti-social behaviour, human slavery and child sexual exploitation.

He said: “We are deploying a number of new tactics to bring about a sustained reduction in violent crime in the county.

“This includes working with first-time offenders and those about to be released from prison to direct them away from repeat offending and get support for the root causes of violence.

“The intensive police activity complements this and is all part of a long-term strategy which reflects best practice from around the country.”

Raids throughout the last month included the following:

* Intensive patrols carried out on the North East sector of Northampton. This included Harefield Road and Forest Gardens to combat anti-social behaviour and provide visibility and reassurance to local residents. Two arrests made.

* Patrols around Far Cotton, Northampton, for public reassurance. Also in the Dallington area after recent aggravated burglaries targeting elderly and vulnerable people.

* Human Slavery operation in Northampton

* Series of warrants on the North East and Central Sectors of Northampton. One warrant linked to ongoing illegal retail sale of drugs. Three detections for drugs offences and one man arrested for immigration offences. Another man arrested for domestic violence.

* North East Sector of Northampton: Seasonal operation to combat anti-social behaviour, reduce robberies and promote personal safety.

* Three warrants carried out linked to Child Sexual Exploitation.

* Child abuse warrant carried out and one arrested on suspicion of downloading images depicting child sexual abuse, equipment seized and search conducted.

* Operation to combat aggressive street begging in Northampton town Centre. Drugs warrant carried out relating to violence nominal in Kings Heath.