Police probe Saints staff after ‘misdemeanours’

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Six matchday members of staff at Franklin’s Gardens have been suspended following allegations of a ‘number of misdemeanours’ at the home of Northampton Saints.

Police were called in following allegations against a number of staff at the rugby ground supplied by a contractor after the Saints’ home LV= Cup game against Gloucester on January 26

One woman, aged 48, who worked at the ground on matchdays was arrested on the day of the match on suspicion of theft from an employer. A Northamptonshire Police spokesman said she had since been given a caution.

The club contracts out its matchday services to Kudos Catering, which provides staff for areas in the ground, including the bars, as well 
as matchday hospitality. 
The firm confirmed six members of staff had been suspended.

The allegations centre around stock levels at some of the bars and the potential loss of revenue for the club.

In his programme column on Saturday, chief executive Alan Robson alleged “collusion” between members of staff, who pretended to “love the club”, and “so-called” supporters.

In a strongly-worded column, he said: “Those of you who are regulars in particular bars will notice that some of the faces who have served you in the past are no longer here today.

“This is because a raft of misdemeanours have been uncovered at the last home match, so serious that they have led to police involvement.

“I can’t say too much due to the ongoing police investigation, but what is as upsetting as the dishonesty itself is the allegation that there has been collusion between certain staff and some customers and so called supporters.

“Such misdemeanours affect all of us, especially in an organisation like ours where the revenues play such an important role in our development on the field, and it is disappointing that there are apparently people who purport to love the club but act contrary to that sentiment when it suits.”

The firm that runs 
catering at Franklin’s Gardens called in mystery shoppers 
after concerns were raised 
about some members of staff at 
the ground.

Kudos Catering, which is part of the Crown Group, confirmed six members of staff were under investigation following allegations of “dishonesty”.

A spokesman confirmed the 
members of staff were employed by the company.

He said: “It is unfortunate these people could take advantage of the fact they have been there for a while and could abuse the systems in place.

“This is a handful of people out of a big team and it is not right across the Saints’ ground.

“We were obviously concerned over a period of time regarding 
the amount of takings going through a couple of bars and the stock levels,” the spokesman added.