Police operation to spot vehicle defects taking place in Northampton

Police talk to drivers near B&Q in Towcester Road
Police talk to drivers near B&Q in Towcester Road

More than 20 police officers are conducting an operation to catch motorists with vehicle defects in Northampton today.

Police cars and vans are parked in the access road to the former gasworks site off Towester Road.

Officers have been spotting likely vehicles and then directing them into the road where a team of police, including a number of specials and trainees, check the vehicles and take details.

Motorist James O’Brien, from Great Billing, who was one of those pulled over, said: “I don’t mind at all. It’s a bit of an inconvenience for a few minutes but if it gets some dangerous cars off the road, that’s all good.”

Sally Biggs, from Thrapston, said: “If nothing else, the police presence is certainly keeping the speeding and dangerous driving down.”