Police operation in Northamptonshire town to raise awareness about the importance of sexual consent

Officers will be out in Kettering
Officers will be out in Kettering

Police in Kettering are running an operation over Christmas to help raise awareness of the importance of sexual consent.

A police van will be parked in Dalkeith Place tonight and Christmas Eve from 8pm until midnight and from 6pm until midnight tomorrow.

Officers will be working alongside Northampton Rape Crisis (NRC) to promote their #ConsentIs campaign which the force is supporting.

Each night the team will be showing a short video called Tea Consent and asking people to respond to a question which is posed in the video.

They will then be asked to tweet their answer to #ConsentIs along with a photo.

The senders of the best three tweets will each win £30 in shopping vouchers.

Officers will also be giving away water and freebies from the mobile station.

The activity is part of Operation Scorpion, the force’s current campaign to reduce violent crime.