Police launch investigation into use of advertising board workers in Northamptonshire

One of the people, standing along Northern Way. Photo: JMF @MolotovRecruit
One of the people, standing along Northern Way. Photo: JMF @MolotovRecruit

An investigation has been launched by police after complaints from the public regarding people standing on the side of busy junctions in Daventry carrying advertising boards.

Around a dozen people were seen at various locations around the town, including outside the police station, for several days last week.

Although they were holding signs for Domino’s, Northamptonshire Police say they were not employed by the pizza chain either locally or nationally. Rather police believe the workers were employed by an agency in the West Midlands and bused into Daventry every day.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: “We received a number of calls expressing concerns about a group of people carrying advertising boards around Daventry.

“We looked into the issue and have been reassured that this marketing activity has now been stopped.

“Our investigations into the matter continue as we take any allegations of exploitation very seriously.”

Northamptonshire Police is now working with West Midlands Police to track down the employers.