Police investigating fraud allegations found indecent images of children, court told

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Police who searched a Northampton house as part of a fraud investigation uncovered child sex abuse images on one of the occupant’s computer, a court heard.

David Hills, aged 63, and Samantha Hills, aged 40, of Drywell Court, Standens Barn, yesterday appeared before Northampton Magistrates Court which heard they had allegedly stolen cheques from a vulnerable neighbour before paying more than £3,000 into their own bank accounts.

Stella Moses, prosecuting, said David Hills also faced 12 more charges of possessing indecent images of children as well as an extreme pornographic image involving an animal after the images were allegedly discovered when police seized his computer to investigate the fraud allegations.

Both defendants are charged with making out cheques to themselves from an HSBC chequebook which had been allegedly stolen from their neighbour.

Samantha Hills is also charged with fraudulently paying for £4,000 worth of goods from online stores such as Amazon, Lakeland and Nectar Wine Club using a HSBC bank card which also belonged to the neighbour.

The hearing was told today that the neighbour was a vulnerable, isolated individual who had hearing problems which meant he struggled to communicate with people.

Both defendants pleaded not guilty to stealing HSBC cheques and fraudulently making a cheque out to David Hills for £2,100.

Samantha Hills also pleaded not guilty to two fraud charges, including making out a cheque of £952.99 to herself and using a stolen bank card to pay for £4,000 worth of online goods. She also denies stealing cheques.

David Hills offered no pleas to the 12 charges of possessing indecent images of children. Magistrates declined jurisdiction in the case which was adjourned for a committal hearing before the same court in January.