Police describe Northampton bar’s atmosphere as “hostile and intimidating”

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Northamptonshire Police has catalogued a number of incidents at Ice Lounge when customers have been assaulted and described the atmosphere in the bar as “hostile and intimidating”.

A number of covert police operations found some door staff wearing ‘kick boxing’ style gloves and officers noted on one occasion that the main clientele were well-known prolific offenders.

The papers due to be presented at a licensing hearing tomorrow state that on April 13 last year, a door supervisor working at the Ice Lounge was arrested for an assault on one of the bar’s customers.

The report states: “An altercation had taken place within the gents toilets where the patron had refused to pay the toilet attendant.

“This patron was ejected by the door supervisors, however once outside the front of the premises a door supervisor punched this customer knocking him unconscious. This was witnessed by police officers close by.”

The door supervisor was later arrested and police asked for the bar’s CCTV. However, they were told the footage was “not available” at that time and when the tape was handed over, the incident had not been captured for some “unknown reason”.

The papers also recount an incident on September 7, 2013 when a door supervisor prevented police officers from entering the bar.

Eventually the police were permitted access, but only following threats by officers to arrest the door staff for obstructing them.

The report states: “It maybe that the delay in permitting the entry of the officers was due to other nefarious activity taking place inside the premises.”

Other incidents reported by the police include September 28, 2013 when three males were ejected from Ice Lounge and a number of melees were witnessed by officers outside the bar.

The report states it was an “honest held belief” of the police officer who dealt with the incidents that the males had taken “other intoxicants” based on their behaviour.