Police bid to trace bike after stolen stash is discovered in Northampton

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The owners of two mini quad bikes, an off-road motorbike and a bicycle are being sought after the items were recovered from police search warrants in Northampton.

The bikes are believed to be stolen; however, officers have been unable to trace their owners.

PC Chris Monday is urging anyone who has not yet reported the theft of a bike or motorcycle, to get in touch.

He said: “We have recovered four expensive bikes that we believe were stolen; however, we’ve been unable to cross-match them with any of the stolen property recorded on our systems.

“We currently have an unregistered full-sized off-road motorcycle, two mini quad bikes and an expensive road-style pedal cycle that we believe are stolen but cannot link to any crimes on our database.

“As such, I would urge anyone who hasn’t already reported theft of such an item to the police to contact us on 101.”

PC Monday is also encouraging people to record valuable property to help make it easier to reunite them with it in the event it is stolen and recovered.

“It’s not uncommon for us to seize valuable bikes that we believe are stolen,” he added. “Because their theft either hasn’t been reported to us or the owners haven’t noted the frame numbers or marked the property in some way, we find it extremely difficult to track down the rightful owner.

“For example, we keep an extensive database of stolen pedal cycle frame numbers and check every bike we come across against this, but it is only effective if we’re given the frame number by the victim.

“There are a number of other ways to help identify valuable property in the event of it being stolen and later recovered, such as using a forensic marking product that has a unique chemical ‘code’, or simply using an ultra-violet pen to mark items with your house number and postcode. You can also register your valuables for free at www.immobilise.com.”

For more information about how to help protect your property, visit www.northants.police/crimeprevention.