Pokemon fans descend on Kettering's Wicksteed Park to try to catch '˜em all

Fans of the latest gaming craze for mobile devices are descending on Wicksteed Park after discovering it is a favourite hiding place for scores of Pokémon characters.

Monday, 18th July 2016, 10:54 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:29 pm
Pokemon fans are descending on Wicksteed Park.

The Pokémon GO app has swept the nation after it was launched in the UK by Nintendo last week.

The augmented reality game – which is attracting millions of new players – involves using the camera on your mobile phone or tablet to find virtual characters in different real locations.

Some of the characters hide near to water or in woods or countryside locations so Wicksteed Park’s lake, fields and arboretum have attracted scores of players keen to add to their collection.

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The park also contains several Pokémon GO gyms – augmented reality locations where players can battle other Pokémon characters.

Wicksteed Park managing director Alasdair McNee said: “We are a prime location for Pokémon hunters and we have seen many people in the park searching for the characters over the last few days.

“Dozens of characters have already been found as our 147-acre site provides many ideal places for them to hide.”

The park has urged gamers to be sensible and safe when visiting the park and has issued the following guidelines:

1. Never enter restricted areas.There are certain areas of attractions off limits to guests for safety and security reasons. Posted signs should never be ignored and guests should never go over a fence or around a barricade.

2. Be responsible and respectful of other guests. Keep your eyes up while walking.

3. Do not take phones or cameras on rides. Guests should be mindful of any ride or attraction guidelines that restrict mobile phones and cameras. Even if it is in your pocket, objects can fall out during a ride and hurt someone. And, the phone or camera will most likely be damaged beyond repair.

Mr McNee added: “Pokémon GO is great fun and both visitors and staff have already had great fun hunting down the characters around the park but, as with everything else in the park, people need to be considerate to others and stay away from areas that are not designated for the public.”