PM David Cameron praises example of Northampton Alive project in promoting regeneration

MP Brian Binley speaking at a Northampton Alive event
MP Brian Binley speaking at a Northampton Alive event

David Cameron praised the work of Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership and the Northampton Alive project during Prime Minister’s Questions as an example to others in the country.

MP for Northampton South, Brian Binley, raised the question of local enterprise partnerships and gave examples of the benefits he said it had brought to the county through helping young people not in education, training or employment.

Mr Binley asked the Prime Minister to encourage other Parliamentarians to work closely with local enterprise partnerships to recognise the value that they can bring.

In responding, the Prime Minister agreed: “All parties are now committed to making local enterprise partnerships work and to not going back to the old regional development agencies. It is important that local enterprise partnerships are business-led and it is important they are strong in every part of the country. Members of Parliament can play a real role in encouraging prominent businessmen and businesswomen to get involved and in making sure they deliver for local areas.”

Speaking after PMQs, Mr Binley said: ‘I am delighted that what we are doing in Northampton is recognised as an example for the entire country.

“Yes, there are economic challenges which we will need to continue to overcome, but it is only through a proper partnership, driven by a business-focused agenda that we can genuinely achieve the growth so vital to our future prosperity. What is happening in Northampton can be replicated in other places, and I was pleased that the Prime Minister joined me in encouraging Parliamentary colleagues to think about what more they can do to help their local economies.”