Pledge to tackle 'racist and offensive' graffiti in Northampton

Councillors have pledged to tackle '˜offensive graffiti' in Northampton in a bid to make the town look more appealing.

Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 7:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 8:43 am

A motion from Conservative cabinet member for environment Mike Hallam called on the authority to adopt its own formal policy for the removal of offensive and racist graffiti, and it was a call backed by fellow councillors across all parties.

The motion calls for the removal of graffiti in a ‘quality manner, free of charge on private property where the appropriate permission has been provided in writing by the property owner’.

Councillor Hallam said: “Graffiti is an unwelcome sight in most towns and cities across the country. A town is often judged by how it responds to graffiti, particularly that of a racist or offensive nature.

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“It’s unfortunate that there has been a recent increase in racist graffiti nationally. "Formalising our policy sends out a message that we just won't tolerate it."

The motion called on the council to continue the commitment to do ‘all it can to remove graffiti in the town’ including working closely with the police across the borough, Northampton Town Centre BID, Network Rail, and owners of other affected properties, to try and catch offenders.

It was seconded by Labour councillor Les Marriott, who said: “Although there are costs involved in this, if we can catch the perpetrators then we can charge them for it.

“Everyone is really keen to see the town clean and tidy.”