Pledge for extra housing support for Northampton ex-soldiers

Ex-soldiers will get preferential treatment from Northamptonshire councils in areas such as housing waiting lists, following formal signing of a covenant.

The signing of the armed services community covenant, between the military and several civilian organisations, took place at the Guildhall this afternoon.

Lt Col Alison Falcon

Lt Col Alison Falcon

Among the promises of support is an amendment of council housing policy to include “additional priority for ex-armed services personnel.”

Other pledges include looking into possible low interest loans for ex-servicemen for deposits on a house.

The signing of the pledge now means the town, helped by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, is now also allowed to apply for a share of £30 million national Community Grant funding.

Signing on behalf of the armed services was Lt Colonel Alison Falcon, 49 Brigade representative for Northamptonshire.

She said: “Its important that ex-servicemen’s access to housing to schools for their children to health is fair in comparison to civilians.

“The only way really to achieve that is to have buy-in from councils, making sure they are not disadvantaged because they are sent on a regular basis between cities and towns.”