Plans for day care centre in empty Northampton house turned down to avoid parking problem

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An application to turn a residential house in Northampton into a children’s day care centre has been refused after residents’ concerns that it would cause traffic congestion and disturbance.

The site in question was a large, currently empty, multi-bedroom house in Spyglass Hill in East Hunsbury.

During the meeting held by Northampton Borough Council’s planning committee on Tuesday night, Lisa Davey presented her application to open a nursery for 55 pre-school children on the site, saying that it would alleviate a shortage of childcare provision in the area.

Quoting statistics gathered by Blackthorn Good Neighbours stating that there will be 600 children eligible for pre-school care in Northampton this year, she added: “I am all about providing low ratio childcare with flexible hours because, as a mother myself, I know that many jobs are not nine-to-five any more and this can make it difficult to organise day care for young children.”

Her business, Davey Day Care, already runs a day care centre in Blackymore in Northampton.

But councillors and residents in Spyglass Hill objected that extra cars at the house would add to the parking problem caused by nearby East Hunsbry Primary School off Rowtree Road.

Councillor Matthew Golby said it would not be “right or fair” to increase the congestion on the road for local residents who chose to love there because it was quiet.

However, Councillor David Palethorpe (Lab, Billing) said: “There is a need for childcare in the area and if there is a parking problem already there then we need to address it as it is rather than prevent new things adding to it.”