Plans for 26,000 homes in Northampton voted through at restaged meeting

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A document that recommends building nearly 26,000 homes in Northampton by 2029 has been voted through to consultation for a second time.

The result of the original meeting on the plans was declared invalid, after it emerged that a substitute councillor on the committee had not been nominated in time.

At the second staging of the meeting at Daventry District Council on Wednesday, the vote was tied, as it was at the Guildhall in December.

And again, the chairman of the meeting, Daventry district councillor Chris Over, made the casting vote in favour.

The report, which is called the joint core strategy, was voted through by the West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit, made up of councillors from across Northampton, Daventry and South Northamptonshire.

The proposals, which have been in gestation since 2006, say that 41,760 homes will need to be built across West Northamptonshire by 2029, with 25,758 of these in Northampton borough.

Residents and politicians say there are serious concerns over a lack of infrastructure, congestion, flood risk and pollution.

Robert Boulter contacted the Chron on behalf of a number of action groups, including Hunsbury and Collingtree Residents Alliance, Wootton Brook Action Group, Collingtree Park Residents Association and Hardingstone Action Group.

He said: “I don’t think it was terribly democratic, or the right result. This has been an eight-year process. They’ve said they can’t go back to the drawing board, and I understand that.

“But Northampton is defined by its boundary. They scrape every possible available site, and it is risky.

“They have been trying to develop this area ever since they bought the golf course.

“In Collingtree, we can’t get our heads around it. We are hemmed in on four sides, and all the traffic leaves by Rotary Road going to the A45.

“I can’t see the advantages in the short or long term.”

Mr Boulter also said the organisation of the meeting was a “farce”, as 65 to 70 residents intended to travel to Daventry, but were told the room was not big enough to accommodate them.

In an email to Mr Boulter, Daventry District Council said: “The council chamber at Daventry has limited capacity and would not be able to accommodate the numbers of residents you refer to in your email.

“If there is a large public attendance for the meeting is very likely that not everyone would be able to be accommodated in the building.”